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Quarantine reappearance of animals believed to be extinct l Debisamco

During the quarantine, the reappearance of animals believed to be extinct or not seen for a long time has become evident; this is because man’s activities have decreased, causing nature to take spaces that they had limited. The Russian snow wolf and the civet are some of these species.

After thirty years, a species that was considered extinct reappeared in India, a Malabar civet that lives in the tropical areas of the southwest of this country. While a person was walking through Meppayur, Kerala, India, he captured a photo of this specimen on the street. A member of the Indian Forest Service, when watching the video said that the civet could be sick when going out during the day because this species is nocturnal and experts say that there may be few animals of this species since its odorous substance is used in the industry of cosmetics and perfumery.
The Gray Wolf, believed to be extinct 100 years ago, as a consequence of the peasants who protected their livestock, was seen in the town of Londinieres, in the Upper Normandy region, France. The images of this historical event in the environmental field were obtained with an infrared camera that was installed by a local inhabitant and then delivered the image to the French Biodiversity Office.
The scientific name of this wolf is canis lupus lupus, and the French Office of Biodiversity said that the wolf came down from the mountain to look for a mate, since in spring, the season that Europe was in at the time; It is the time when wolves usually mate.
On the other hand, the snow leopard is seen in Russia after years and was believed to be extinct, after the quarantine in the country was declared by covid-19. The biologist Alexey Kuzhlekov was the one who managed to take the photo of a female of this species within 20 meters.
Due to the lack of boats and tourists in the bay of Cartagena, Colombia, videos of dolphins began to circulate in and out of the water. The ex-mayor of the city published a video on his Twitter account with the description “It's time to reflect in the midst of this quarantine. We need a conscious development in tune with nature ”
Finally, it is important that each person recognizes the consequences that each of their actions in nature can have, such as changing the habits of other species or forcing them to hide.

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