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Awareness and reflection to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic, which sadly has killed more than 9,000 people, must be treated with conscience from every home. That is why it is necessary to give the importance and seriousness that is required to this situation. Also, it is a moment that allows us to reflect and make changes with which we will all benefit.

By spending more time at home, we will have a space to reflect and see that the coronavirus has brought benefits for the environment, such as cleaner air and the reduction of gas emissions at a general level, although they are momentary changes, they are important so that we realize how our daily activities affect the planet; with just a time of having decreased activities the change was noticeable. What should motivate us to make routine changes that can help reduce climate change.

Two weeks after a quarantine was declared in China, carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 25%, according to an analysis published in Carbon Brief. In addition, Italy closed all its borders, which has caused the water in Venice’s canals to be cleared due to the absence of tourists.

We are aware that it is inevitable not to feel half in the face of the unknown, that panic clouds our sight and we are not able to think clearly. But, in moments of world crisis, like the one we are going through, we must give priority to the most important thing, life. It is normal for us to worry about work, money, delays in education and other things, but the most important thing is to take care of our health, because with this we can obtain everything else.

Beyond the government taking measures, which would help to contain the virus more, each one must be responsible for himself and his family, being aware that prevention measures are for our good, from the measures of washing our hands. , that the whole family does not go to market or comply with the quarantine, not see them as an obligation.

Finally, it is also to think about the other, because with these measures the probability of contagion is less and the negative consequences that the coronavirus has brought to the economy will last less, so they will not affect the population as much.

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